Keith Rankin's Papers on Universal Basic Income etc.


Refereed Academic Publications

"A New Fiscal Contract? Constructing a Universal Basic Income and a Social Wage", Social Policy Journal of New Zealand 9:55-65 (1997). Includes links to conjoint article by Michael Goldsmith, reply by David Preston, response by Michael Goldsmith, and my rejoinder to David Preston.

Other Academic Publications

"A Code of Social Responsibility as a Social Contract", paper presented to the Social Responsibility: Whose Agenda? Conference, Massey University, Albany, 12-15 February 1998; Proceedings forthcoming.

"Collective Valuation of Unpaid and Underpaid Work", paper presented to the Work, Family and State Conference, Massey University, Hokowhitu, 28-30 November 1997; Proceedings published by Massey University, Palmerston North, ed. Gurjeet Gill & Celia Briar; pp.138-144; (1998).

"Social Wage Tax Credits: a path to a Universal Basic Income", paper presented to the Beyond Poverty Conference, Massey University, Albany, 14-16 March 1997; Proceedings published by the Auckland Peoples Centre, PO Box 3813 Auckland, ed. Mike O'Brien and Celia Briar, Massey University; pp.135-141; (1997).

"The Standard Tax Credit and the Social Wage: existing means to a Universal Basic Income", Policy Discussion Paper No.20, Department of Economics, University of Auckland (1996).

"The Universal Welfare State; incorporating proposals for a Universal Basic Income"; Policy Discussion Paper No.12, Department of Economics, University of Auckland (1991). [MS WORD v.6 version]

Unpublished Conference Papers & Reports

"Universal Basic Income: a System of Tax Reform". Paper presented to the Universal Basic Income National Conference, Wellington, 26-28 March 1998.

"Constructing a Social Wage and a Social Dividend from New Zealand's Tax-Benefit System". Paper presented to the Basic Income European Network (BIEN) international conference, Vienna, Austria; 12-14 September 1996.

Report of the September 1996 Conference of the Basic Income European Network (Vienna).

"The Factor Distribution of Income: a New Perspective on a Matter of Classical Importance"; Paper presented to the Conference of the New Zealand Association of Economists Conference New Perspectives in Economics, Auckland, 26-28 August 1996.

"The Social Wage as a Definitive Component of Political Parties' Philosophies", Paper presented to the New Zealand Political Studies Conference, Auckland, July 8-10, 1996.

New Zealand Political Review articles  (NZPR)

"Revisiting the UBI"; 7(2):12-15. On rival views of Universal Basic Income, and bringing together diverse traditions of universal income thought.

"An Appropriate Fraction; The Real Distribution of Benefits in New Zealand"; 6(2):8-11, 1997. On tax benefits and social dividends.

"The Universal Welfare State"; April 1992. Proposal for a Universal Basic Income.

The Other Economic Summit  (TOES)

"Alternative Perspectives on Economic Growth", The Other Economic Summit (TOES), Auckland, April 1993.

"Universal Benefits: Can We Afford Not to Have Them?" In Alan Marston (ed.), The Other Economy: Economics Nature Can Live With, Auckland: LBD Books, 1992; Proceedings of "The Other Economic Summit" (TOES), Auckland 1992.


Defining Universal Incomes, an extract of which was published in Greenweb (July 1998) as "What does UBI mean"

"Universal Basic Income, the Community Wage and Local Economies", published in Greenweb (May 1998) as "Subversive Compliance".

PSA Journal

Tax Cuts and the Social Wage; published in PSA Journal, October 1995.

Unpublished Press Articles

A Basic Income for All, submitted to the NZ Herald; April 1998.

Social Dividends and Flat Taxes, submitted to the NZ Herald; June 1997.

UBINZ Newsletter

The Advantages of a Two-Tier Universal Basic Income (UBI) over other forms of Universal Income; May 1998.

Rankin File on the Internet

Universal Basic Income: the new American debate, Scoop, 14 December 2000

The Crown's Ownership Interest, 12 August 1999

The Parental Tax Credit and the Future of the Welfare State, 1 July 1999

Comparing Tax-Benefit Systems, 6-October-1998

A Modest Universal Basic Income Proposal, 28-September-1998

Deriving a Universal Income from the Student Loan Scheme, 12 September 1998.

New Zealand Superannuation: a form of Universal Basic Income?, 31 May 1998.

Universal Basic Income: Costings for 1998/99, 28 May 1998.

Defining Universal Incomes, 12 May 1998.

Income Taxes are Production Taxes, 21 April 1998.

Universal Basic Income: its Core and Essence, 23 March 1998.

Social Welfare: Lessons from Speenhamland, 20 February 1998.

Tax Cuts as Growth Dividends, 9 October 1997.

Three New Reasons for a Universal Basic Income, 24 September 1997.

Rankin File "Shorts"

An English Social Dividend of $109 per week?, 12 July 1999

Flat Tax, 29 May 1999 (letter published in the NZ Listener, 19 June)

Taxing Superannuation Funds, 17 November 1998.

Letter to City Voice on UBI, 29 April 1998.

Tax is an Income as well as a Cost, 25 April 1998.

How many Beneficiaries?, 23 March 1998.

How big a Social Dividend?, 23 March 1998.

Miscellaneous Commentary

Reply to "Fable for Our Times (with Moral)" by Owen McShane National Business Review, 31 July 1998.

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